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Demo Client Access

For exclusive client access you must type in the user number and code found in the left-hand margen of the web page. To obtain you access code you must have registered as a client. If you are already a client and you can’t remember your user number or access code you can get them by contacting us through the web form, or by going through the process of automatic registration on this page.

Through client access you can obtain the following services (we are working to enlarge and improve our web services):

Collections in Progress

With this option you can see the pick ups that are in progress at our logistic centre in Castellón. The orders are identified by colours, indicating their situation at the moment of consultation.


The information is updated automatically by our system throughout the day at 30 minute intervals up until 17:00 and every 10 minutes from then on until 24:00.

All the Collections

If you want to consult pick ups already sent, or all the pick ups, including those pending and those sent, you can enter the database in the following way.

To avoid sending any unnecessary information, you can select the period of dates which you wish to consult. This gives information of pick ups during the last 6 months. Otherwise information will be given over the last 15 days. You will also have the option of carrying out a selective search, through the name of the manufacturer, reference and number of kilos. For a search using manufacturer and reference, you only need to indicate a part of the number chain, independently of their position in the number/letter field.


In the column ‘Inci’ you can consult the possible incidents that effect each pick up, by pressing on the warning icon that appears there.



Update User Profile

You have the option of modifying your user name, code e-mail address, as well as the language you see on the page.


If you need more information, please contact us using the contact form of the web page.